Jennie completed her grades in ballet, tap and acrobatics at the Mary Dunne Theatre School before going on to train in physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq International School in Paris. She also completed an undergraduate degree at Cambridge University and a Master’s at East 15 Acting School. Since 2008, Jennie has choreographed a wide range of performances including children’s dance shows, university pantomimes and educational tours. Her choreography has been well received at the Edinburgh Festival, first for her high energy routines in the comedy musical When In Rome, and secondly for her stylistic movement direction in The Orpheus Project, which she toured with NMT Automatics Theatre Company. Recently, Jennie has received praise for her work on Matchstick Girls (Redbridge Drama Centre) and Where’s Your Mama Gone (Hen and Chickens). This September, Jennie looks forward to beginning work on a modern re-envisioning of the classical Dido and Aeneas, which will see further collaboration with NMT Automatics.

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